[2023]    Entorns Lamps
            01. F26
            02. F27
[2023]    Fan Lamp
[2023]    Boiler Chair and Stool
[2022]    Nike x Marta “Waffle Shoe Sole Machine”
[2022]    Wood Micro Table
[2021]    Urban Mines:The Pottery Project
            01. Microwave Table           
            02. Washing Machine Potters Wheel
            03. The Vaccum Extruder

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[2023]    Il·lacions Design Gallery Solo Show
[2023]    Crafts Now-Barcelona Disseny Hub
[2021]    Material Futures Degree Show

          ART RESIDENCIES    
[2023]    Entorns
[2022]    Makerversity

[2022]    Nike Waffle “Break the Mold”
[2021]    Elle UK “The 15 Brightest Future Talents From CSM”
[2021]    Crafts Magazine Issue 291 “Electric Shock”
[2021]    Very Compostable "Pottery Tools Made From E-waste"

[2021]    Nomination Color Hive, Exploring Bio-Materiality
[2021]    Fashion Crossover London-Elle UK
[2021]    Shortlisted: Maison/0 Green Trail Award
[2021]    Viaduct Material Futures Award


Microwave Table

2021 - London, UK

The Micro Table, handcrafted from repurposed microwave components.

The main box of the microwaves works as the body/legs, and the top is made with sheet steel. On the whole, to tie the two elements I welded some nuts on each of them and added a threaded road in it. This way the table is able to change height and to turn around easily, adapting to the space and its needs.

This piece seamlessly blends technology and design, making a statement in any room. Its sleek, metallic exterior and functional shelve showcase a harmonious fusion of style and sustainability. 

︎︎︎Find it at Il·lacions Design Gallery.